Testamento Reserve Petit Verdot
Testamento Reserve Petit Verdot
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Eight years ago, we partnered with a great farmer, Manuel Otero Ramos, to produce our Nice Sauvignon Blanc. Out of this partnership, we created an award winning Cabernet Sauvignon that we named Testamento, the Spanish word describing the legacy you leave behind.  We half heartedly joked that Manuel should experiment with making a 100% Petit Verdot from the small amount of Verdot he had planted in his vineyard for blending purposes.  Little did we know, Manuel took that as a challenge from us to see if he actually could do it.  Two years ago, he surprised us with the fruits of his labor- and let us barrel sample the 100% Verdot out of the French Oak.  It was inky, black, full bodied and delicious.  

Two additional years of aging have served to refine and soften this powerful beast.  We bottled the wine under our Testamento brand that we share with Manuel.  In comparison to the Testamento Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine is aged much longer in oak and in the bottle to allow for both oxidative and reductive maturity of the wine.  We know you will enjoy the sheer richness of this rare wine.  It will stain the sides of your glass, paint your teeth purple, color your lips, and delight your senses. 

We suggest enjoying this wine with strong cheeses such as Gorgonzola, Morbier, Papillon, or Roquefort.  It will also pair well with a marbled cut of steak and rich sauces like béarnaise or hollandaise.  We suggest decanting this wine for one hour prior to serving for optimal flavor.  Suggested serving temperature for a full bodied wine like this is 68F. 

Once you taste this wine, you will know there is nothing little about this "Petit" with a palate that can only be described as Grand.

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Petit Verdot
Lujan de Cuyo
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