Nice Rose of Malbec
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Nice Rose of Malbec
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/ 2022 Vintage
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This Nice Rosé of Malbec is our latest collaboration with our growers, friends, and Argentine family, Alberto and Fabiana Cecchin. Raise a glass to them and help us celebrate 15 years of friendship and amazing winemaking!

It is made from 100% certified organic Malbec grapes - the same grapes we use to make our Nice Malbec wine!

A short time in contact with the skins of the Malbec grapes gives this wine its gorgeous salmon or "onion skin" color that is prized in the finest Rosé wines of Provence France.  Fermented to dryness, this wine is crisp and refreshing with notes of raspberry, cranberry, strawberry, and citrus.  Enjoy chilled with cured charcuterie meats like Jamón Iberico, Prosciutto, or Sopresatta

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Andy Uzick's Gravatar
Andy Uzick
(May 31, 2022 at 6:45 AM)
This is our go-to wine when we want to share a bottle in the evening. Pairs nicely with a variety of food. It's on my "never out" list!