Nice Organic No Sulfites Malbec
Nice Organic No Sulfites Malbec
100% Organic Wine
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Silver Medal, 2020 Rodeo Uncorked International Wine Competition
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/ 2020 Vintage
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Certified Organic by Organización Internacional Agropecuria
Certified Vegan by The European Vegetarian Union
Certified Sustainable by the Packaging Recycling Organization of Europe

Awards: Silver Medal, 2020 Rodeo Uncorked! Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo International Wine Competition

About the Wine:
Take a close look at this bottle. This is not our Nice Reserve Malbec that hundreds of wine club members have enjoyed over the past 14 years. This is a totally different wine! The long N on the front of the bottle is a vibrant green color. On the back of the bottle are emblems certifying the wine’s organic, vegan, and sustainable status. Most importantly, at the bottom of the back label, you will find the rarest statement of all: “NO SULFITES ADDED.” This is the purest wine we have ever created, and it has taken almost 100 years to perfect and bring to you!

In 1926 Jorge and Pedro Cecchin founded their vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina to continue their Italian parents’ tradition of wine growing. For almost 80 years, they were the stewards of a purely organic, protected vineyard in the heart of Mendoza before entrusting it to their nephew, skilled organic farmer, Alberto Cecchin. In 2007, during a long trip to Mendoza, Argentina, we sought out and partnered with Alberto and his amazing wife, Fabiana, to produce a chef-inspired, foodie-driven Malbec wine from the Cecchins’ century-old vines. Together, we are able to produce a wine that proudly carries our name and our reputation. Now, we also create a wine that is so clean and pure it doesn’t have to carry the ubiquitous designation, “contains sulfites”.

This wine is aged in stainless steel and concrete tanks, which do not require sulfite sanitation like natural wood barrels. Our equally organic Nice Malbec Reserve is aged in French and American Oak barrels and contains barely a trace of sulfites. This is a drink now wine and it will not improve remarkably with aging. This wine does not require decanting, if stored properly, it will drink well into 2024. Enjoy!

Tasting Notes: Cherry Pie. Blackberry Jam. Cocoa. Pepper.




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Product Reviews

Josh's Gravatar
(Feb 13, 2020 at 2:05 PM)
4.5 stars. This is a terrific wine, particularly for the price. It's bursting with ripe / tart fruit as well as nice acidity. There is no oak, which gives it a refreshing quality I'm not used to in a red wine.

Rick Dickson's Gravatar
Rick Dickson
(Dec 8, 2020 at 2:22 PM)
This is a great wine. It is very refreshing and easy to drink. Not having to decant is also a great plus for those of us that may drink more than one bottle at a time! Seriously, very very nice wine.