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Nice Periwinkle Charity Wines

Over the last several years, The Periwinkle Foundation has hosted multiple successful Iron Sommelier competitions, uncovering an enthusiastic passion for wine among its supporters. Building on this success, Periwinkle teamed up with Houston-based The Nice Winery to create a wine that would honor the mission of Periwinkle and impress the sophisticated pallets of Periwinkle’s most ardent supporters.

A full 30% of the proceeds from every bottle of this wine will fund The Periwinkle Foundation’s Camps, Arts and Survivor Programs for children, teens and young adults who are challenged by cancer or other life threatening illnesses and cared for at Texas Children’s Hospital. 

Since The Periwinkle Foundation’s inception in 1983, pediatric oncologists have made great strides in improving the overall cure rate of children with cancer. Nearly 80% of children diagnosed with cancer now survive. While more children are surviving, successful treatment may leave them with mental or physical complications that can impact them for the rest of their lives. Periwinkle Programs play a vital role in the overall healing process of these special children, teens and families.

The Periwinkle Foundation develops and provides programs that positively change the lives of children, young adults and families who are challenged by cancer and other life threatening illnesses. As the survival rate grows, so does the need for long-term support and programs. What started as a simple camp for children with cancer uncovered a need for camps for teenagers, families, and long-term survivors, as well as a robust Arts In Medicine Program.

KPRC recently featured Peyton, who made the artwork for this year's vintage and charity wine supporting the Periwinkle Foundation.



2021 Periwinkle Charity Wine