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Front of House Postions

To be successful in a Front of House (FOH) Position you have to love people. If you love talking to people, hearing their stories, talking about wine, then you will enjoy these types of positions.

Read through the openings and apply to the one that most interests you. If they all interest you, that's great! But you have to start somewhere, so pick the one that seems like the best first step for you. We believe in cross-training and moving up as you learn!


At Nice Winery, all customers are greeted right at the front door with a warm hello. When they leave, they should receive a friendly good-bye. The primary role of the Greeter is to set the tone of “casual elegance” and to guide the customer to the right place, whether it is to the retail area, a tasting room, a dining table, or showing them where the restroom is located. The Greeter must remember that their appearance, how they talk to customers and co-workers, and the appearance of the winery all set the tone for customers’ experience and whether or not Nice Winery meets its mission.

Greeter Position Greeter Position

Retail Attendant

If you love people, talking to customers, and love wine, then this is the job for you. Friendly and bright, the Retail Attendant knows basic information about Nice Winery, the Nice Wine Club, & Nice Wines. As a Retail Attendant you must have impeccable manners, a warm phone persona, and love talking to people. A successful Retail Attendant will embody “casual elegance” and understand that everything they say and do represents the Nice Winery brand. Finally, the ability to juggle multiple guests and requests is important.

Retail Attendant Retail Attendant

Wine Education Assistant

Helpful and proactive, the Wine Education Assistant co-hosts the wine tastings, events, and classes with the instructor/sommelier. A successful Wine Education Assistant has enthusiasm and treats customers as invited guests. As a Wine Education Assistant, you are primarily responsible for assisting the wine class instructor/sommelier while making our customers and future club members feel welcome, assisting with customer purchases after the class, and making sure all guests leave happy and with all of their belongings. Just like when you have a party at home, there is some clean up involved after the last guest leaves.

Wine Edu Assistant Wine Edu Assistant


If you are interested in one of these positions, please complete the application below and return it to Michelle.

FOH Application FOH Application